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Search Engine Optimization Firms Help Websites Get Googled

Free search engine rank and placement report

SEO firms enable a website to be clearly found in the search engines and directories for specific key phrases. The field is growing tremendously, and its methods are continually changing.

Do you know where your website ranks in the major search engines? You should. A good search engine position is free, highly targeted advertising. Because millions of searches are done everyday, your site's search rankings relate directly to its traffic. If you're not listed within the first 30 matches, chances are that most searchers won't even see the site listing, so how will customers find you quickly and easily?

The Unlimited SEO approach to obtaining Search Engine Optimization rankings and placement proves successful time and again. One indication of knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization firms is when their long-term customers maintain positive results of: ever-increasing traffic, page views, search engine referrals, and search-generated selling of merchandise.

If you are curious to see where you stand right now, we will run, for free, a Search Engine Optimization report specific to your website. Just fill out the short form, and you will receive the full report in a matter of days. It will show you the current search engine rankings in the top 3 search engines, for specific key phrases. If you like, you can indicate up to two online competitors, and see where they rank as well.

Why Consider Search Engine Optimization Firms?

E-Commerce experts assert that getting search engine positions is the secret to success for internet businesses.
The following figures substantiate this claim:

  • 91% of Internet users use search engines to navigate the web (Source: American Internet User Survey)
  • Search engine visitors are well-qualified prospects, actively seeking your information.
  • Search engine visitors are far more likely to buy.
  • There are over 1 billion web pages on the Internet (Source: Inktomi/NEC Study)
  • 9 out of every 10 searches are done from the top 20 search engines.
  • Over half of every online sale begins through a search engine.
  • Using search engines is the most popular activity online.
  • 9 out of 10 web users visit a search engine, portal or community site each month. They also revisit frequently, nearly five times per month.
  • 93 percent of online patrons don't look past the first two pages of search engine results pages.
  • One third of web customers believe that if a business has a leading search engine position, then it must be an industry leader.
  • Users looking for products are far more likely to type the product name into a search engine's search box (28%) than browse shopping "channels" (5%) or click on ads (4%). (Source: Jupiter Media Metrix & NPD, March 2001)
  • Submitting to hundreds of search engines is a waste of time, since 85% of search engine users do not look past the first 40 search results. (Source: Jupiter Research)

When looking for search engine optimization firms, consider Unlimited SEO's mission: to increase web traffic to our clients' websites by expanding their presence in the major search engines.


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